Project 365: Day 19 – Sleepy sunday in Sigatoka

20th July 2014 – Sigatoka, Fiji

Grains of sand – like time and space –
Slipped away, and burnt like coal.
The elements are at odds today, not backing out.
Earth lost. For today, water was my call. 
It's alliteration day at Sigatoka, Fiji

It’s alliteration day at Sigatoka, Fiji

Finally, I caught the early morning bus from Lautoka to Nadi, and from Nadi to Sigatoka, to see the famous sand dunes. In a small village, which is called ‘rugby town’, i wanted to find out why this name. And I did. The sand dunes are used by the rugby teams to practice, as they got stronger by running up the high dunes. And that probably explains the cibi dance, similar to hakka, which the Fiji team does at the beginning of their rugby game. Because I almost did the same, when I finally climbed up the dunes. Laborious, but I did do it. Climbing the dunes, I mean.

How about dunes in Qatar? Click here for Messaieed sand dunes!

But I couldn’t have chosen a worse time, during the hot midday sun. The locals warned me not to climb, and I told them I have shoes. Well, I did have shoes. But the sand still got through, and scalded my toes. Halfway up the dunes, I was burning already, and when I reached the top, I couldn’t stay more than 10 seconds, before i ran back down, and took off my shoes. And threw them away.

With no beautiful picture coming from the sand dunes episode, I headed for the sigatoka river, still barefoot. Saw a broken bridge, hung around it, and tried different filters.

Bridges dont scald. I’ll settle for them today.

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