Project 365: Day 17 – Am I home already?

18th July 2014 – Nadi, Fiji

Rafi blared aloud, and tikka overwhelmed my nostrils.
And a little bit of India I found, in a colourful temple dome.
While the flowers were showered, and the poojas done,
I had to remind myself again. I am still not home.
Hiding the ray - Nadi, Fiji

Hiding the ray – Nadi, Fiji

Took a morning bus from Lautoka to Nadi town. There is pretty much nothing in Nadi for me. Yes, there are plenty for the Aussie or European travellers, with Nadi being so much like India. There were hindi songs everywhere, and Indian restaurants everywhere. But, nothing for me. I didn’t come so far to see so much of India in one, single day.

But, I did want to see the Sri Siva Subramaniya temple. This may be no match for even the village temples of India or Bali, but this was the largest Hindu temple in the whole of the South Pacific. And it was located at the base of the main street, so why miss it?

Check out Sigatoka, Fiji’s Rugby town!

Being an Indian does have some benefits in Fiji, as I found out when I was not asked for the 5 dollar tourist fee at the temple. They must have thought I was Fijian. I didn’t correct them as I don’t feel that the 5 dollar fee was warranted, since the temple had nothing special. And as I had feared, the famous fire-walking season, was over by June.

I’ll take that gratuitous fiver. Any day.


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