Project 365: Day 16 – Osmann would be proud

17th July 2014 – Lautoka, Fiji

Soft sand cuddled her toes,
And the cool wind kisses her cheek.
As the ocean lay bare beyond her, she asked,
“Follow me?”. But no answer did she seek.
I DID follow her. - Lautoka, Fiji

I DID follow her. – Lautoka, Fiji

The immigration process at Nadi airport was one of the longest I’ve had so far. They asked me questions for nearly an hour. And I could understand their predicament. Almost all the Indians who have come to Fiji, have NEVER LEFT! They stayed there for generations, and at one point, 65% of the population of Fiji was Indian. Even now, you can’t take a corner in Nadi without hearing a Hindi song, or running into an Indian face. My only argument was my passport, exactly a year old. In one year, I had visa stamps from 16 different countries. Why, I argued, do they expect me to stop and settle in Fiji?

Have you see the Indian temples in Fiji? Click here!

That must have settled the affair. After an hour, I met with my CS host Api, and went with him to a little village called Viseisei in Lautoka, about 23 KMs away from Nadi. And there I met his wife Finau, and their gorgeous princess, all of 5 years, Kalesi. I couldn’t help but start talking like Khal Drogo. Oh, if you don’t get the last line, you surely don’t watch Game of thrones!

Finau was down with a toothache, and Api had to go for some work. So, Kalesi, all smiles and warmth, offered me to hold her hand, as she guided me to the beach beyond the village. Like a pup who just found his master, I followed.

I hope that I made some gorgeous women, a little bit jealous.


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